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Database Legend:

House Icon Accessible from home.

Book Icon Accessible from home after registration at the library.

PC Icon Accessible from the library computers only.

AtoZ The USA House Icon

AtoZ The USA is a database that provides history and information about the USA. Click the the link above and type in your full library card number to access it. Tax Forms House Icon

The latest tax forms from the IRS.

Homeless Youth and Higher Education  House Icon

This is a guide to help college students who struggle today with reliable housing, bills, tuition and other financial challenges. The guide focuses on the various (and perhaps unknown) on-campus, off-campus, and online resources these students can turn to for help.

Peoplesmart  House Icon

Protecting your privacy is hard in our complicated, technology-driven
world. At PeopleSmart, we are dedicated to privacy. To help you protect
your privacy, we compiled educational resources, privacy tips, and a
list of things you can do.

GCF House Icon

GCF is a training website that provides basic tutorials for technology, math, reading, and careers. This service is offered as a free service.

The National Archives House Icon

This is the website for the National Archives, which is a collection of important historical documents that are related to the history of the United States. This a great resource for researching history. House Icon

This website contains several eBooks books for children to read. Many of the books on this website will automatically be read to your child by the software. A valid library card number is required to access this website from home.

WorldCat Catalog   Book Icon

This program allows you to search for books and other materials in libraries worldwide and gives you access to the more than six million items held in Missouri’s public libraries. Want to request an an item through WorldCat? Stop by one of our library branches, call 417-682-5355, or send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to put in a request.

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